We've always been really into hip-hop. We want to know about Tyler, the Creator's writing credits and all the features on the new Isaiah Rashad album. We want to know about the new lyricists in Atlanta and guess next year's XXL freshmen now. But we don't want to sift through Spotify, Genius, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit just to do that. So we built Audiome.

When a pandemic and a lockdown made our lives hard, we turned to music. We gathered data from a variety of sources, analyzed what's important, and made it easy to answer all the questions you have about artists -- your all time faves and the ones you just discovered. And we listened to a ton of hiphop while we did it.

We're still new to the game, and that means a lot is going to change with Audiome real quick. Right now, we're trying to connect with hip-hop heads to see how we can all dive into the music we love.

Adin Vashi and Miles Kirsch, founders
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